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Breed: Kelpie mix

Age: Around 2

Sex: Neutered Male

Kids: Child must be confident around dogs, experienced with high arousal and herding behaviors

Dogs: Good with dogs, but Selective because he is high energy and likes to herd, bite, and play rough, so man dogs won't enjoy playing with a dog like him.

Vaccines, Microchip and health: Current, no known health issues

Special instructions: Experienced dog owner, must understand and have experience with herding behaviors and high arousal. This dog has a high IQ and needs to be doing something, and the average dog handling and training is not good enough for a dog like him, so you must be able and willing to learn about how to train him.

Training: Easy to train, willing to please, knows basic commands, is learning to preform tricks, walks well on leash, needs lots of mental and physical stimulation. Is crate trained. 

Winston was picked up by Animal Control as a stray during a recent fire. Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County transferred him into their adoption program. After seeing his high arousal and mouthlines, they reached out to IDTE for help training Winston. Winston is IDTE's kind of dog, high drive, active, and smarter as a whip. Dogs like Winston were bred to work. Give this dog a job and he will do it to perfection. Dogs like Winston are cleaver, quick witted, and go after what they want with a can do attitude. These dogs make wonderful dogs, but they are no couch potato and cannot be expected to live the boring life. They demand to be worked and are always using their brain, energy, and body to engage with you. Love and affection comes after work for these dogs. but when mentally fulfilled the will love you with all their heart and soul. Winston is an energy magnet and will mimic the energy of others. It is important that he is set up for success by having an owner that has self-control and can provide him the structure, a mental work outlet, and the confidence that he needs from an owner. Life with Winston has to be about Winston, but the rewards he will bring to you is more than you can imagine. Training is a must at all times. You never get a moment off as Winston's partner, but that is what makes the bond so incredible. You must want to learn about training a dog with a high IQ. Winston is a quick study and as long as he gets what he needs from you he will be more than willing to give you what you need from him. Winston is crate trained and as long as he is allowed to work and play hard, he will enjoy his down time while you do what you need to do without him. Winston is not aggressive with people or dogs, but the heeler type of dog sometimes comes out of him with a bit of mouthiness so you need to be willing and able to handle a dog like him and give him something to do with his mouth, if you're interested in adopting him. Winston comes with some free training from IDTE. For the right active person Winston is going to be the best friend all dog people are looking for. Winston has been learning tricks like roll over and crawl from a 13 year old who is assisting in preparing him for his future home. He loves to learn and train, and is looking for someone who is also interested in learning and continue training with him.
Not sure you are the right owner for him, consider fostering to adopt or just foster for a learning experience.
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