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Breed: Border Collie mix

Age: Unknown but around 2

Sex: Neutered Male

Kids: experienced older kids

Dogs: Good with most females and tolerant males.

Vaccines, Microchip and health: Yes, no known health issues

Special instructions: Secured fencing

Training: Easy to train, willing to please, knows basic commands, walks well on leash

Flip was dumped in the woods by his owners. He was running loose in the woods for a week before his owner was located and forced to go get him and surrender him to a shelter. Flip had been in the shelter for several months but started to deteriorate from the stress of the environment, so they contacted IDTE to help. Flip acclimated to the less stressful environment very well. We do not know his past, but his behaviors tell us a story of a dog that was not treated very well. He is always anticipating the worst in new situations and his behaviors lead us to believe that he was trained with a heavy hand. Flips behaviors also show us that he doesn't have a lot of faith in humans. Flip is very resilient and has a willingness to please which has helped in his recovery training. Flip is a happy go lucky dog and wants to have a good time. Flip needs an owner who is both patient and willing to work him while he learns but is also confident and will lead him into making good behavior choices. Flip is active and will also need someone who wants an active dog. Flip has not shown any issues towards children, however because of his past he should be in a home that is not unpredictable therefore it would be best if he was not in a home with young kids. Flip has made doggy friends and is very playful.. He is a strong player and needs a tolerant dog to play with. 

Flip is ready for adoption or foster!

Want to meet Flip? Contact Sarah @ 720-684-8769 or email

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