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Chama Bear is approaching his senior years and still has quite a pep in his step with alot of life and fun companionship to offer his people. His favorite past times are belly rubs and short walks with his people or hanging out on the porch. If you're looking for a buddy to enjoy the simple things in life, he's your guy. Chama walks nicely on the leash and he is always happy to be told how good of a boy he is. He likes the occasional TV show too and can relax with the best of them. He wants a home where he can sleep indoors on a soft bed at night and watch over his family and the family’s property during the day when they aren’t at home. It’s best if he lives as the only dog where he can get all the love and attention a senior dog deserves and because he is not a dog that likes to share his space or valuable possessions with others.

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