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Daisy is looking for her match - her right person and forever home! Are you the one? She has had quite the adventure thus far and has been preparing herself for you for a very long time. She didn't get off to a very good start in life because her owners did not understand her and couldn't get on the same page as to how to train her but then along came a team of rescuers and a trainer who could help Daisy learn how to use her innate abilities. Now she is ready to be yours! Daisy is a very intelligent dog who is looking for a confident leader. Not the old school dominant type, no way! She wants someone who embodies the same level of confidence that she has. It's a state of being, of knowing, of having standards but to stay respectful and positive with her. Once that exists, you will learn that Daisy is a super fun dog and you will definitely have good times with her! 


Daisy is a natural born leader so no funny business with her. She is not afraid to stand up for herself so she needs a responsible dog person who won't put her in the wrong situations. Daisy is charming, intelligent, loyal, confident. Her protective leadership skills come from her DNA. She is 50% American Pit Bull Terrier and 50% German Shepherd. Two great dogs in one body that require a good partnership. Daisy is a middle aged dog  and is ready to settle down and be a companion but she still has a lot of spunk in her and is bound to keep you alert and on your toes. Daisy does like to make new friends but it's all about the respect! No respect, no friendship! It's the German Shepherd in her but we all love the loyalty that comes with that, right? And that APBT know it when you've earned it from this girl. Thanks to her training here at Innovative Dog Training & Education, Daisy knows how to listen to her leader and follows directions well, if you are confident. Obedience, Agility, Trick training is all on the table with this girl. Daisy likes to keep her options open and she's skilled in many areas. What are you into? She would love to find out. A dog like Daisy will change you and make you a better person, and teach you things you didn't even know you were missing out on. Do you think you can handle a dog that will push you to be a better than average dog person? If you want that companion dog that you can love but don't need to commit yourself to, then Daisy is NOT the dog for you. She is looking for a committed relationship and wants a team player and partner! If you think you may be the one, call Sarah at .. to set up a time to meet Daisy.

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