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Breed: Jack Russel Terrier mix

Age: Unknown but around 1.5 to 2

Sex: Neutered Male

Kids: Confident, experienced

Dogs: Good with most. He is confident and wants to be the top dog so dogs must be tolerant and not want to challenge Petey for the top spot in the relationship.

Vaccines, Microchip and health: Yes, no known health issues

Special instructions: Experienced owner due to his confidence 


Petey came to us for training by a rescue group. He might be small in size, and cute to us, but he was born to be a leader. Petey must not be misunderstood. He has a soft tender side, but he is confident and needs to be treated that way. Petey is very smart and enjoys learning. He has a willingness to please and would do great in a home where he will be challenged mentally. Petey is adorable, but confident enough to tell strangers to back off, so he will need training and a confident person that will keep people from invading his space when he doesn't want them to. Petey is good with other dogs as long as they understand he is the boss. He will play, but he would much rather protect his doggy buddies from outside threats than play with them. Petey would be great for someone who is looking for a dog with confidence but needs a dog that is easy to manage. 
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