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RH Training Seminar

In September 2017 IDTE was invited by the USCA & DVG Nor Cal Working Dog Club to attend their RH Seminar with Craig Grohe. This seminar was to introduce the sport level for Search and Rescue work. It was designed to ensure the true working ability of the dog in character, stamina, and temperament. It was a powerful tool to maintain the a strong work ethic for the dogs, one that could lead to a worthy title in Search and Rescue.
The dogs went through the following
  • suitability test 
  • basic obedience (heel, sit, down for 20 minutes without handler help)
  • Obstacle (go over three jumps ranging from low, medium, high, walk over a plank, go through a tunnel)
  • Dog had to be picked up and carried then passed off to a stranger 
  • Tracking
  • Area Search
  • Rubble 
  • Alert
  • Recall
  • Lead handler to lost victim
One of the requirements was that the handler had to be able to pick up the dog, because Sarah's dog is nearly 100 lbs she decided to work a shelter dog that she was training. 
USCA & DVG Nor Cal Working Dog Club are a group of people disciplined in the sport of Schutzund (IPO). These people do a high level of obedience, tracking, and protection work and all of them have competed in Trials and Titles on their dog, which basically means these dogs are extremely well trained dogs.
Sarah was the only non-member to attend and the only person to participate with a shelter dog and a dog that was being trained at a companion dog level. Because of Sarah's high level training foundation and the fact that Sarah training is a companion friendly version of high level sport dog training Sarah and Dingo were able to train side by side with highly trained dogs. Dingo was recognized not as an underdog, but Craig said that he had great potential to becoming a Search and Rescue dog. Sarah and Dingo were also complimented on how good of a team they were and how well they worked with each other. That is credit to the IDTE training foundation.
Sarah is grateful to have had the opportunity to learn beside such a group of dedicated dog handlers and from Craig Grohe. We hope to do more of this in the future. For now, check out our Seminar pictures
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