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Samba is both dashing and handsome with charm for days! He makes all the girls smile and the boys jealous. Even though he's a middle aged guy, he trots like he knows everyone is watching him. He's a goofball at heart. He cannot hide how much love he has for his ball but he's not obsessed. He can leave it behind and still focus but his ball is his favorite thing and keeps him busy when he's alone. Once he knows you, he adores hugs, kisses, and scratches. That said, Samba takes his time. Ball buddies first then affection and love! You can win him over with some snacks too!  With Samba, the relationship must be earned. He won't initially be sure if your intentions are good or bad. He doesn't yet know you so you will need to spend the time showing him you're a good person. That's the way he rolls! He's not a macho man! He tries to hide his fears by keeping you engaged in a game of fetch because he's far too shy to jump into an affectionate relationship too quickly. He will let you know when he's ready. 


He needs a confident and fun leader. Someone who will teach him how to be brave. He's a big dog but that doesn't mean he's a tough guy. Samba is looking for someone that is willing to teach him the world is as fun as his ball but will also give him the sense of security that no one nor nothing is going to hurt him. He loves to explore and his rescue friends and trainer at Innovative Dog Trainer & Education have taught him it pays off to face his fears. He's ready to expand his world with you! Are you ready to take over as his leader, friend, and companion? He promises you that you won't be sorry. It's really hard to have a bad day when Samba and his ball head your way!  

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