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Socialization & Playgroups

Socialating your dog is an important obligation that all dog owners must do. For some, this is an easy task, but for others it can be very challenging. When people think about socialization they often think of the dog liking new people and playing with dogs. Socialization is far more complex than that and most dogs do not get properly socialized in all the areas that they need to be. This leads the dog to living with a lot of stress, fear, anxiety, and aggression. When you think about socialization we want you to broaden your mind and think of how social your dog really is and what skills they are using. Below is a list of some things that you should think about when you are working on socializing your dog. 

In your home environment

New environments

When traveling

Different Sounds

Different textures

Different objects

Different Smells

Physical touch

Different stimuli's

Moving Objects

Non-moving or Weird Objects





other animals

other dogs

There are lots of dogs that will play with other dogs, or that are friendly with people but they are still under-socialized dogs because they lack skills. A lot of dogs fake it to make it in this world. A lot of other dogs keep their eye on their owner. This is good for you, but the dog is really in an avoidance state of mind. This might have been taught by you or learned by the dog, but it is not always a healthy for a dog to live in an avoidance state of mind. This could lead to low confidence, dependency on a human for security, stress, fear, anxiety, and other unhealthy emotions. And many owners micromanage their dog. Humans and dogs are always socializing because we are all forced into living in a social environment. It is important that socialization is always at the forefront of the brain because it is the most important part of our existence. Everything that we do is secondary to socialization so when you train with us you will learn the importance of socializing and learn what socialization needs to look like for you and your dog because it is different for all of us. Socialization does not just mean play and be happy. It means that you have the right skills and tools to navigate in our overpopulated world that demands that we all have social skills to cope with one another and a variety of distractions and stressors. It is also having the skills for problem and resolution.

When it comes to socialization, we will help you and your dog in all the different areas of socialization that you need.

Our playgroups are designed for helping you and your dog build your social skills with other dogs in your community. We offer different types of playgroups to help meet the needs of all our clients

We work with most aggressive dogs,

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