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Adopt Kai

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Kai is about 2 years old. He is a neutered male. Hi breed is a mix of Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Walker Hound. Kai has lived with cats but due to his breed he will chase cats if not supervised. Kai is good with other dogs. He is good with kids that are dog savvy. 

The last year has been rough for Kai, and he is looking for someone to help him in his time of need. His owner who raised him, went off to college and left him with her mom, but her mom developed life-threatening health issues and couldn't meet Kais basic needs. Kai is now living in a boarding facility and actively looking for a new home that is perfect for him and a human that can give him the stability and training that a young smart dog needs. 

Kai is small but mighty. He is active and always up for some fun. Kai loves to play fetch, tug, and wrestle. He will even bring you his ball so you can throw it for him. He is food motivated and enjoys learning new things. Although he is an active dog and needs an outlet for his energy, Kai settles down nicely and he loves to snuggle, be petted, and relax with his favorite people. Kai is crate trained and good on the leash when give direction from his human. Kai has basic training and also knows some tricks such as shake. Kai's hidden talent is his ability to jump. He will jump up gently on people to give hugs but usually doesn't jump on people. He can jump high though and needs a secure yard with high fencing. He would do great with someone who is interested in agility or a dog that can do fun stuff. He would also be an excellent hiking or walking partner for someone that needs the security of a dog. Kai is friendly with people, but he is protective by nature. He needs to be properly introduced to new people, so he knows that they are friends. Kai's protective nature will give his family the sense of security that we all want from our dog. Kai listens well and is not a hard dog to redirect. Kai needs to investigate his environments (oh that hound) but he also loves to engage with people and will listen. 

If you can help this boy, get back into a home either by fostering him or if you are interested in becoming his forever human, please contact Sarah to arrange a visit @ 707-349-5488.

Get to know Kai better by watching some of our videos of him below.

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