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We know life is a journey and we hope that these dogs have found a lifelong partner, but life has many ups, downs, twists, turns, and unexpected surprises. It is always exciting to say a dog has found a home, but I will never say it will be their forever home. The journey of a dog is not always our choice. What is our choice is to stay connected to these dogs and be available for them if they ever need us again. Some of these dogs have or will come and go from many homes before their journey ends, and that is ok if it happens that way. We congratulate and wish these dogs well and hope their journey won't bring them back to us even though that is bitter sweet for us. If you see that a dog is available that was adopted it doesn't mean anything bad for them. It just means they were not done with us yet and our journey together is not over. Our goal is always to move dogs forward, and if they comeback we will move forward with them once again. Help us by watching this page. You never know when you might be part of a dogs journey. IDTE does not own dogs that are looking for a home. All the dogs that we help are homeless dogs. We help our local Rescues and Humane Societies with dogs that need a little training support. I cannot help all dogs, but the dogs I do I help for life. Part of that help is posting them through my website and trying to connect them to people that they might not otherwise find.

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