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Breed: Unknown

Age: Unknown 

Sex: Female

Kids: Confident, experienced


Vaccines, Microchip and health: Yes, no known health issues

Special instructions: Experienced owner due to her lack of trust 

Cara was found running at large in the Walmart parking lot. She had been seen with puppies and was being fed by the community for some time before she was picked up by animal control. Unfortunately, at the time she was picked up she was without her puppies. 
Cara came to IDTE for adoption prep training. She is a very sweet and intelligent dog, but seems to have been either mishandled, abused, or running at large for a while because while she is curious and friendly towards people, she becomes terrified when people reach for her or touch her. At IDTE we are going to help her with this.
While with us at IDTE we have seen Cara coming out of her shell quickly. She has a lot of spunk and quiet the personality. She needs a gentle hand and time to adjust, but under her cautiousness is a confident girl. She would do great with a person that is willing to take her on adventures and rebuild her trust and confidence. There is no need to feel sorry for Cara, but she does need a home that is on the quiet side because she seems to have been through some trauma in her past that she needs help working through. 
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