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Meet Your Trainers

Sarah and Angela have been training dogs together since 2007 and their style is the same but they both also have their own individual strengths and differences to offer clients and dogs.

Sarah has been working with animals for 3 decades. Her well-rounded career has given her an enormous amount of knowledge and tools to share with you. Sarah has worked with dogs in grooming, boarding, daycare, pet sitting, dog walking, training, breeding, veterinarian clinics, Canine Companion for Independence, and in animal shelters. Sarah has worked with several World-Renowned dog trainers and lots of professionals in the pet industry and in dog training. Sarah has also attended many Seminars both in person and online. Her education has been very important to her and she has gone over and beyond what most dog trainers learn which is why she often gets hired by other trainers to help them advance their knowledge and skills. Sarah’s knowledge is not limited to dogs. Before working with dogs, Sarah was a horse trainer. Sarah also has lots of knowledge and skills working with many other kinds of animals. Sarah has built her life around animals. It’s not something she does, it is who she is.


Angela has been volunteering to train shelter dogs since 2007. When she began, she was a dog walker, but through her dedication and desire to help the at-risk dogs she was invited into the volunteer dog training program. That is where she developed her knowledge and skills. Under Sarah’s guidance Angela worked her way up to the highest-level volunteer position and was given access to train dogs that staff members who were not trainers were not allowed to touch because they were too dangerous. Angela is also very passionate about training dogs for emotional therapy work. Angela’s dog training profession took her by surprise, but once she started training dogs, she knew it was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.


Sarah and Angela are both dedicated to continuing learning and evolving.

Meet Sarah and her dogs Spirit, Dingo, Tink, and Little Lady
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Meet Angela and her dog Sniper
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