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Innovative Dog Training & Education

Train your dog for the real world

It is my personal goal to help both you and your dog learn how to train as a united team and to the highest level you're willing to go, Training is a processes and you have to be willing to put in the hard work but the rewards are worth the effort. The results of training is nice, but the process is where the bonding happens. I will guide you and your dog through the learning processes, teach you proper training techniques and behavior solutions that work, and help you reach your goals while pushing you to meet your dog's training needs and maximum potentials.


Dogs are only as trained as their owners/handler are, so when you choose to train with IDTE you are making a commitment to your dog to learn about behavior, obedience, and socialization training, as well as to refine your handling skills and training techniques. 

There's No Place like Home but Your Dog will love Coming to IDTE

The IDTE training space is 22 acres with a pond, creek, hiking trails, and lots of open land  for you and your dog to enjoy and train on. 

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