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Let your dog be a dog while you're away. Our 22 acre country property has all the bells and whistles that dogs love. Our large outdoor runs provides your dog a safe place to hang out alone or with friends. Our indoor crates provide your dog a safe and warm place inside to sleep. Our play yards, pond, creek, hiking trails, open space, and agility equipment, provides your dog with the outlets they need to feel happy and relaxed while they're with us. We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients call our place their dogs home away from home and that they don't have to worry about their dog while they are with us. Clients tell us their dog is always excited to come here to see their training family, friends, and to enjoy their vacation. We know our place is not right for everyone. If your dog is not happy hear we will let you know so that you can find a more suitable place for them. 

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