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Group Classes

Are you committed to your training program and want to continue building both yours and your dogs skills? Our group classes are like no other. Our classes are ongoing and designed for you and your dog to keep learning together. This is a great way to get together with other dog owners in your community and support one another. You and your dog can become a role model for another dog and their owner, or you might find a role model of your own. We work on everything including human-dog relationship, handling, emotions, behaviors, socialization, obedience, confidences building as well as learning lots of new things. We train out our location and in the community. People and dogs build friendships and our classes give everyone something to look forward to each week to do with their dog. Our classes are drop in based so you do not need to commit to a schedule. We know in life things get busy. We are here for you but if you can't come every time that is ok. Learning is forever and we constantly go over the things we teach, so if you can't make every class that is ok. We also have multiple class options. You can come to any class that works in your schedule. Join the fun and keep your dog training and moving forward.

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