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Training is the action of teaching your dog a particular skill or type of behavior. Training takes place when you are teaching your dog to do something that they wouldn't otherwise be doing. Training requires knowledge, skill, and motivation.

Knowledge comes in many different forms. We do our best to provide you with knowledge in different forms. You need to have the knowledge of how to teach your dog the skills that are required to preform a particular behavior. Behaviors such as sit, down, stay, come, and heel require skills for the dog to preform them. If you don't have the knowledge to teach your dog these skills then learning them are going to be more challenging for your dog. At IDTE we empower our clients with all the knowledge that they lack. Every dog is an individual and the way a dog learns to sit, down, stay, come, and heel can be different from dog to dog and from situation to situation. The more knowledge that you gain the better you will be able to support your dog while they are learning and building up their own skills.

Skills are built. Your dogs training is a reflection of your skills. Training is a partnership between you and your dog. Where you lack in skills your dog will lack in training. Dog trainers don't have a magic wand. Every dog trainer has build their own skillsets as well. The better skills you have the better training you can do. Sarah worked very hard to learn the skills required to train dogs and people and to advance their skills. Dogs and their humans skillset are often not the same. Training can only take place when your skillset compliments your dogs. In the beginning, training is about building up yours and your dogs skills for training. As your skills become habits, your dogs training will too. At IDTE we break things down into simple form so that you and your dog become a team using skills that you both understand and learned together. That is the true power of the IDTE training program. Skills need to be advanced in order for the training become advanced. At IDTE we teach you and your dog the basic skills needed train your dog, but then we build on that and improve your skills so that you can train your dog at an advance level. The longer you train with us the better your skills and training will become. Everyone is allowed to learn at their own pace and you can stop whenever you feel you're happy with the skills you and your dog have developed, but training with IDTE does require both the dog and the human to learn, improve, and build on what they are doing.

Dog training takes motivation. There must be a reason for acting or behaving in a particular way. Your motivation for training your dog is so that they will listen to you and behave the way that you want them to. But what is your dogs motivation for doing what you want and behaving the way you want them to when they really prefer to do something different? There are many different motivations that you can use to get a dog to preform a behavior or behave in a particular way. At IDTE we feel that the motivation you use matters. We are flexible in most everything we teach, but we are pretty strict on our use of motivations because this is what makes the difference between good and poor training. Anyone can train a dog, but the motivation that is used in the training is what determines the attitude and state of mind the dog develops in the process. At IDTE we don't train dogs to be obedient, we train dogs to have a willingness to please. The difference between an obedient dog and a dog with a willingness to please is the attitude and state of mind of the dog. Happy dog, happy owner, and proper training is our goal.

Training is hard work and a commitment, but it is well worth the effort. Not only will you have your dog behave the way that you want them to but your bond with your dog will become stronger in the process. You only get out of training what you are willing to put into it. We will push you and your dog because we know what is waiting for you on the other side. We want to see all our clients benefit from pushing themselves and their dogs to the best of their abilities because that is when the good stuff in dog training happens. As long as you are willing to push yourself, we will be committed to helping motivate and push you as well. Our promise to you is that the knowledge, skills, and motivation we teach you will make your training and the bond you have with your dog better.

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