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Listen to us on the radio for Dog Talk Radio, the first Friday of every month. KPFZ radio 88.1 fm: streaming at, Earthwise 5-6 pm. Callers will be able to call in and ask questions 707-263-3435.

K9 No Limits

There is no limit what a dog will do for you and there are no limits to what you can do for them with the right knowledge, tools, and training.


Sarah and Angela are experts in Dog-Human Relationships, Canine Handling, Canine Emotions, Behavior, Socialization, Obedience, Training Tools, Training Techniques, People Training & Education, and Shelter/Rescue Dogs. There are no limits to what they can help you and your dog with. If you show up to learn, they will have lots to teach!

K9 No Limits is not just about your dog. It's about you too. Your dog won't change if you stay the same. K9 No Limits is about pushing yourself and your dog to reach the next level and ultimately to reach your highest level.

Dogs have been very important in both Sarah's and Angela's live. K9 No Limits is much more than a place to learn about dog training. It's a place to bond with your dog while you both grow and learn within a community where others want to do the same.


Dog training is what you make it. Dogs are masters at adapting, learning, and they are forward thinkers unless they get stuck and need help. We help you customize a training program that will work for you, your dog, and your pocketbook. We believe that dog training should not be a privilege for only the rich. Our prices are reasonable so that you and your dog can train with us for as long as you need or want to without breaking the bank. We have a range of programs for you and we will customize something for you if you are on a limited income.

At K9 No Limits we help you customize a training program that will work for you and your dog but we do not stop there. We have built our knowledge and we have a lot to offer people and dogs. There are no limits to what we will do to help you and your dog. As long as it's something we've learned, we will share it with you.

We do work with dogs whose people are too busy to do training. But, you must know if you do not learn too then the training often doesn't last. It will definitely help you and your dog during those times that you are too busy and do not have time to dedicate to your dog. We will help you give them what they need because if a dogs' needs are not met behavior problems will occur.

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Socialization & Playgroups

Our training prepares you and your dog for living in the real world. You and your dog will learn how to work together as a team in real life situations. We have solutions for behavior problems and will teach you and your dog basic, advanced, and off-leash reliability.

Our socialization and playgroups give you and your dog a safe environment to learn and improve social skills. With Sarah's and Angela's help, dogs and humans learn proper social skills  and how to navigate around dogs with different play-styles, personalities, social skills, and pack-ranking.


Our daycare provides your dog an opportunity to burn energy, socialize with others, or to get hands on work with Sarah and Angela while you and your dog are working on your training. Each dogs personal needs are considered, and your dog is set up for success so they can advance their skills and learning.

What Pet Owners Say

Class Training

"Sarah is great at tailoring teaching to the individual dog and person and can offer practical advice on every-day and unusual situations."

Rainy Grafton


"I can't say enough good things about Sarah! Molly has come such a long way.... and we have, too! I love that we both have coping skills now to address Molly's fear aggression issues. I appreciate Sarah's patience and knowledge. I am so glad we found her.... it has been life changing!"

Private Session

“My 7-year old yorkiepoo Max was relentless when the lawn service came to mow. He would bark and lunge incessantly at workers through the window. It drove me nuts! One session with Angela broke Max of this years long habit and provided me with the skills needed to support him in his new calm behavior. Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks…she taught us both! Angela is our hero!!!”

Dr. Marcy

Jamey Gill

Shelter Training Program

"Sarah has always been so helpful and generous with her time with our shelter/rescue dogs here in Mendo! The lake county (and beyond) community is lucky to have her as a resource!"

Becca Edwards

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