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Whole Dog Training

 IDTE teaches Whole Dog Training, a comprehensive approach to complete dog training.

Sarah coined Whole Dog Training while working in the shelter because she noticed that many of the staff and volunteers did not pay attention to the affect they had on the dogs while doing their jobs. Sarah doesn't just see this in the shelter environment. She also sees it when watching dog owners with their dogs. There is a disconnect between dogs and people when the person stops thinking about the dog. Growing up, Sarah was taught by her dad that the animals always mattered. She watched her dad interact with their animals while working on their property. This foundation lived in Sarah and dismissing the dogs while working around them was not an option. Sarah feels you always have to consider the whole dog. What they are feeling, what are they thinking, what they are needing, what they are learning, if they had enough exercise, are you handling them correctly, are you doing the right training protocol for the dog and for the situation, what experience is the dog having, is the dog being set up for success. It is unacceptable to only think about the dog in ways that are convenient to you, but sadly many people do,  Whole dog training, simply means keep connected to the dog at all times.

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